• painting by Anthony Steventon

    Abstract Art by Pagosa Springs Artist Anthony Steventon

    painter Anthony SteventonAs a child in the UK, art was always an essential part of everyday activities for Anthony Steventon. Art became one of his favorite school subjects that led to an ambition to become an art teacher. He enrolled in a local art college as a full-time student and realized that his real passion was to lie in the creative aspect of actually “doing” rather than teaching.

    To pay the bills, Steventon obtained a degree in Computer Science and embarked on a career in the computer industry, all the time leaning towards the fine arts in his spare time. He moved to the United States in 1985 where he continued his computer career while taking evening art lessons. Steventon settled with his artist wife, Kathleen, in Pagosa Springs in 2003 and finally began to pursue practice as a full-time artist.

    painting by Anthony Steventon


    Steventon’s art is built on an intuitive feeling for abstract representation of formal subject matter, coupled with a love of color and a firm conviction in the emotional feelings which art generates.

    painting by Anthony Steventon