• Annette LeMaire

    While Annette LeMaire’s primary focus is on painting the landscape of the Southwest, she also enjoys pursuit of the whimsical, be it with animal portraits or still-life. For instance, when having a cocktail one late afternoon, she found inspiration to create a series of still-life paintings of cocktail glasses, devoid of liquid but infused with different fruits. Likewise, through her fondness of cooking, she created a series called Herbal Expressions—her interpretation of herbs in her garden. She enjoys these subjects as they often inspire a smile from the viewer—which is her intent.

    As a painter working in both oil and pastel, she likes to explore and experience the different tactile qualities and levels of intimacy offered by the two mediums. Sometimes she paints a subject in both pastels and oils to experience how each may influence her as well as how they both feel when creating the pieces in this overlapping way.