• Bonnie Parks

    Bonnie Parks was born in the Midwest, the daughter of a wheat farmer in rural Kansas. This is where her love of nature and old buildings with ‘stories to tell’ first began. In 1986 Bonnie opened a gift shop in the mountain community of Tijeras, NM just east of Albuquerque. Bonnie loved this part of her life, though it left little time to pursue her own painting. After 23 years Bonnie closed the shop and once again picked up her paint brush. She tried watercolors for the first time and it’s there that she found her real joy. “It was a harder medium to learn (for her) because the techniques are almost opposite of painting in oil. It is not as forgiving when mistakes are made because of the quick drying time.” Having said that, to this day Bonnie enjoys the challenge and finds watercolors very gratifying.