• Teresa Herndon

    Teresa Herndon’s work currently uses the raw materials of nature to provide her with the inspiration for her florals and landscapes. She pursues a personal interpretation of the ever changing land, using color, contrasts, patterns and all the artists’ tools to bring nature into her paintings. Herndon’s goal is to create works that allow viewers […]

  • Samuel Baker

    Samuel Baker grew up in Texas, and at an early age became known as the class artist.  He studied art through high school and in  college, but  upon graduation, accepted a career in banking.  Through the years however, the love of oil painting has never left him, and he has spent a great deal of […]

  • Kim Roberts

    Kim Roberts is a Colorado-based abstract painter who creates contemporary landscapes. Her current exploration is rooted in the landscape of the southern Colorado high-alpine valley where she lives. She divides her time between Crestone and Denver.  Kim’s work explores different aspects of being with space—whether geographically or experientially. Each piece begins with a sense of […]

  • Dave LaMure Jr.

    Dave LaMure Jr. lives in Idaho where the Great Basin meets the southern cliffs of the Snake River. He has mastered his fine art with innovative techniques observing the unseen. LaMure’s creative enthusiasm is the narrative of the symbiotic relationship between his work and the way it is altered, like all living things, and the […]

  • Rick Kennington

    Rick was born and raised in West Valley City, Utah.  While growing up, he spent much time outdoors and on his grandfather's ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming. His time on the ranch is where he acquired a particular love for horses and the cowboy lifestyle.  These passions inspire many of his paintings. His artistic technique varies from [...]
  • Jean Pierre DeBernay

    Jean Pierre DeBernay enjoys painting all kinds of subject matters in watercolor and oil. He particularly favors Impressionism for inspiration. Jean Pierre was born and raised just a few miles from Monet’s studio in Normandy. His bird watercolors have been published in half a dozen calendars by Current Inc. where he was the Art Director […]

  • Sarah Merritt

    Sarah was raised on the Colorado front range constantly ogling at the landscapes around her and resolved to have a career in the outdoors. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Conservation Biology and earning her wilderness EMT, Sarah found herself working as a park ranger in the summers and as ski […]

  • Amy Evans

    “I create landscape oil paintings to reconnect us with our nature so that we can enjoy that place of peace and calm in our own homes and workspaces.” -Amy Evans  Amy Evans is a nationally recognized artist who works in oils, and whose paintings are in galleries and shows throughout the US. She teaches art […]

  • Anthony Steventon

    Anthony Steventon’s palette knife rendered oils capture the subtle, sensitive, yet majestic beauty of the Western landscape. Living and working in remote Colorado, Anthony’s connection to the natural world around him inspires him to focus on pine forests and their secrets. Using textured color-filled palette knife strokes, he manages to capture the peace and light […]

  • Kathleen Steventon

    Over the years Kathleen’s connection to nature has grown richer and more spiritual. In her Colorado studio she first connects with the spirits of the animals that she paints. Allowing the animal energies to work with and through her, Kathleen embeds their spirits into each colorful unique piece. Years ago Kathleen picked up a palette […]