• buffaly by George Ann Johnson fine art painter

    George Ann Johnson Fine Art at Two Old Crows Gallery

    Professionally, George Ann Johnson has been an active artist for over 30 years. Having a strong natural talent, she initially began her art career painting professional race horses to help support her own horse business. This led her into starting her own commercial art company. After several years of commercial art, she began her fine […]

  • Buster Griggs Western Paintings

    Western Paintings by Artist Buster Griggs

    The focus of Buster Griggs’ work is his love of the West. His paintings and drawings honor the history and grandeur of the mountains and plains, the Native Americans whose ancestors called it their home, and the pioneer families and the cowboys who explored and settled in this beautiful country. Griggs became a commercial artist […]

  • Claire Goldrick paintings at Pagosa Springs art gallery

    Fine Art by Claire Goldrick in Pagosa Springs

    Claire Goldrick’s love of subject matter for paintings ranges from equine scenes to fly fishing and water and landscapes to historical portrayals, many featuring Lewis and Clark. She has lived in Idaho, Montana, Colorado and New Mexico, providing her with endless material for painting ideas. Goldrick began drawing and painting at age 7 while growing […]

  • Debra Ferrari painter at Pagosa Springs art gallery

    Debra Ferrari

    “Key components in my paintings are the close-up or highly detailed rush work, textural elements and their relationship to light,” says Debra Ferrari. “I want my subjects to take center stage.” Ferrari spends a great deal of time layering thin coats of oil paints, using pointed narrow lines and round sable ferrule brushes to create […]

  • Mary P Doolittle Landscape Painting in Pagosa Springs

    Mary P. Doolittle Landscape Paintings

    “In northern New Mexico, the clean, clear air, coupled with the intense sunlight, gives everything that you see a unique beauty. I find that whenever I’m in nature or my studio, the light creates a special warmth and a wonderful palette of colors.” Mary P. Doolittle is a native of Vermont. She graduated from New […]

  • Sam Cassidy painting at Pagosa Springs art gallery

    Sam Cassidy Paintings at Two Old Crows Art Gallery

    My Mother, Uncle, Great Aunt and Great Grandmother were painters so I grew up understanding that I might develop the skills to express my own personal journey. In the process I would better understand my subjects. Since doing an Outward Bound expedition out of Lake City, CO in 1979, “Mountain Places” unmolested by human activity, […]

  • Carol Meckling paintings at Pagosa Springs gallery

    Carol Meckling Paintings at Two Old Crows gallery

    “Each piece of art is a culmination of my life experiences; from the execution of the techniques I’ve learned, to the endless images I store in my brain and unconscious, to what I learn from observing the natural world and observing the nature of things… a moment defined in a constantly changing natural world.” Meckling’s […]