• Carol Steffgen

    Carol Steffgen was awestruck by the unique beauty of the desert when she moved to Tucson, AZ in 1972. Her work continues to be inspired by the sunsets, big sky, plateaus, and mountains of her home there. Carol’s work has gone through any phases and delves through many subjects, from Native Americans, angels, and women […]

  • Annette LeMaire

    As a painter working in both oil and pastel, Annette’s primary focus is on the landscape of the Southwest. She likes to explore and experience the different tactile qualities and levels of intimacy offered by the two mediums. Sometimes she paints a subject in both pastels and oils to experience how each may influence her, […]

  • Marla Smith

    Marla Smith lives outside Prescott, AZ, loving the ranching life, and sharing its’ raw beauty with her husband. Her landscape oil paintings reflect her love of the West, both as a lifestyle and an inspiration. Marla’s affinity to sunsets and sunrises fill many of her works with their magnificent imagery. Marla’s desire is that her […]

  • Sandra Heller

    Sandra Heller is a full time artist from Durango, CO. The changing of the seasons in the Four Corners area is a constant inspiration in her plein air oil paintings. Spending time outdoors, as well as in her studio, Heller captures the rich and varied natural landscape that surrounds her. She also travels throughout Europe […]

  • Micky Ozolins

    Mickey Ozolins’ lifelong study of art and science brought her to fused glass work over a decade ago. With a double college major in art and neuropsychology, fused glass is her perfect fit. After years of paint, pencil and clay work, she serendipitously discovered the wonders of flowing glass. Its’ exciting dynamics yet strict adherence […]

  • Graphite & Gold Leaf by Bud Root-Michels

    In Italy and France, I was privileged to closely observe how the Renaissance Masters executed their underpainting.  They would draw with a terra-cotta shard or charcoal directly on the canvas.  In this important stage, they drew nearly all their grey values.  Many then finished their paintings with a series of transparent oil color glazes.  This […]

  • Marge Meyer Nugent ceramic art

    Whimsical Ceramic Art by Marge Meyer Nugent

    “I love what I do. I make my pieces with color and texture at the forefront. This results in some pieces being carressable while others are prickly and pokey. I like my pieces to bring a smile to your face.” Ceramic artist Marge Meyer Nugent is a retired medical microbiologist who took a few ceramics classes […]