• Charla Ellis

    Artist Statement: My art is inspired by the natural world.  I must go into the wild occasionally to reconnect with the creator.  My hope is that my work will motivate others to do the same. Leaves and trees, plants and birds….these are my motifs.  You will find these images in my work, whether the finished […]

  • Mixed Media Cross by Rick Vanover

    Having built and created furniture with repurposed wood and many other types of wood for over 20 years. The most recent addition to my repertoire is the cross, it is an extension of my new journey of Freedom with Christ. The passion I have for building is all because of him and the talent he […]

  • Graphite & Gold Leaf by Bud Root-Michels

    In Italy and France, I was privileged to closely observe how the Renaissance Masters executed their underpainting.  They would draw with a terra-cotta shard or charcoal directly on the canvas.  In this important stage, they drew nearly all their grey values.  Many then finished their paintings with a series of transparent oil color glazes.  This […]

  • Marge Meyer Nugent ceramic art

    Whimsical Ceramic Art by Marge Meyer Nugent

    “I love what I do. I make my pieces with color and texture at the forefront. This results in some pieces being carressable while others are prickly and pokey. I like my pieces to bring a smile to your face.” Ceramic artist Marge Meyer Nugent is a retired medical microbiologist who took a few ceramics classes […]