• Fimo clay art

    Fine Art Clay Animal Sculpture by Fimo Creations

    detailed clay frog by Fimo Creations

    Two Old Crows gallery carries one-of-a-kind clay animal pieces by Jon Anderson of Fimo Creations. Each piece is custom made using highly-detailed polymer clay pieces that are put together in interesting patterns. No two pieces are alike, and Fimo Creations offers limited editions of animals.

    “As a polymer clay artist, I create artifacts of mind, my visions and experience with other cultures…,” Anderson says.

    Anderson uses a meticulous process of creating patterns by layering, cutting, and reassembling softened clay into a rod, or cane, and then carefully pulling until the desired thickness and scale of design is reached.¬†Each of Jon Anderson’s designs for his fimo creations is first drawn, mathematically calculated, corrected, re-drawn, and then meticulously and methodically handmade by the artist in clay before it is then modeled into a 2- or 3-dimensional artwork.

    Stop into Two Old Crows in Pagosa Springs to see our collection of Jon Anderson clay pieces – they are truly works of art.