• Alicia Hess

    Alicia Hess is a mixed media sculptor working out of Santa Fe, NM. She was raised in southern Colorado and taught school in Creede, CO for ten years before relocating. She currently lives and works in Santa Fe with her daughter Mamie.  She is interested the interior lives of a people.  She is fascinated by […]

  • Anthony Steventon

    Anthony Steventon’s palette knife rendered oils capture the subtle, sensitive, yet majestic beauty of the Western landscape. Living and working in remote Colorado, Anthony’s connection to the natural world around him inspires him to focus on pine forests and their secrets. Using textured color-filled palette knife strokes, he manages to capture the peace and light […]

  • Kathleen Steventon

    Over the years Kathleen’s connection to nature has grown richer and more spiritual. In her Colorado studio she first connects with the spirits of the animals that she paints. Allowing the animal energies to work with and through her, Kathleen embeds their spirits into each colorful unique piece. Years ago Kathleen picked up a palette […]

  • Carol Steffgen

    Carol Steffgen is an artist and teacher in Tucson, Arizona. Originally from Chicago, Steffgen moved to Tucson in 1972 to study art at the University of Arizona. It was there that she fell in love with the people and landscapes that would inspire her career. Her large-scale paintings are distinguished by surreal landscapes, striking portraits and […]

  • Annette LeMaire

    While Annette LeMaire‚Äôs primary focus is on painting the landscape of the Southwest, she also enjoys pursuit of the whimsical, be it with animal portraits or still-life. For instance, when having a cocktail one late afternoon, she found inspiration to create a series of still-life paintings of cocktail glasses, devoid of liquid but infused with […]

  • Marla Smith

    Marla Smith was born in Prescott, AZ and raised on ranches in the surrounding small town. More than 20 years ago in reflecting on her love of the beautiful Southwest, the desire to share the once-in-a-lifetime experience motivated Marla Smith to begin a visual portrayal of scenes and events that has fascinated her throughout her […]

  • Sandra Heller

    Sandra is a full-time professional artist living in Durango, CO.  Art has always been a part of her life.  She loves painting in plein air (outdoors) capturing the beautiful environment and changing seasons of the Four Corners. These immediate impressions  provide inspiration for her larger studio paintings. She has also traveled extensively and painted in […]

  • Bonnie Parks

    Bonnie Parks was born in the Midwest, the daughter of a wheat farmer in rural Kansas. This is where her love of nature and old buildings with ‘stories to tell’ first began. In 1986 Bonnie opened a gift shop in the mountain community of Tijeras, NM just east of Albuquerque. Bonnie loved this part of […]

  • Micky Ozolins

    Micky Ozolins’ lifelong study of art and science brought her to fused glass work over a decade ago.  After years of paint, pencil and clay work, she serendipitously discovered the wonders of flowing glass — with its exciting dynamics yet strict adherence to the laws of nature.  Her glass works range from tiny pieces such as jewelry, […]