• Kasia Polkowska

    Kasia Polkowska is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on landscape painting, working in acrylics. She studied fine arts at Pratt Institute in New York where she earned a BFA ’06. Currently she lives with her family in Pagosa Springs. She paints as a response to her love and fascination with the Western landscape which […]

  • Michael Vittitow

    After Michael Vittitow completed his formal artistic training at the University of NewMexico in Albuquerque, he went on to pursue his degree in graphic design and photographyat Eastern New Mexico University. After a 35-year successful and award-winningcareer, Vittitow traded in his computer and mouse for a brush and canvas to explore a moreexpressionistic way to […]

  • Colleen DeSanto

    Colleen lived in Michigan as a child and received her B.A. in Art Education/Jewelry/Weaving. After teaching art to both middle school and high school students, and raising a family, DeSanto retired to Creede, CO. There she developed her own unique, textured acrylic landscape painting style; inspired by the raw beauty of the Rocky Mountains around […]

  • Arden Bardol

    Arden received her professional training in architecture, where form follows function. In her wearable art, a passion in her life, form comes from bringing structure, color and texture together in a composition that is both functional and visually pleasing. During her many years of traveling, visiting Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and […]

  • Dan Dempster

    In this age of information overload, Dan Dempster curates that rarest and most elusive commodity: peace of mind. Pointing out the spectacular in the mundane, he teaches how to see. In addition to his highly detailed studio drawings, paintings and sculpture, Dan enjoys the freshness of painting en plein air. He can often be found somewhere […]

  • Michelene Berkey

    Living in the foothills west of Denver, Berkey’s jewelry designs are a reflection of the natural world that surrounds her. Small twigs are cast in gold and silver. Leaves are created by placing textured paper into a rolling mill and embossing the texture onto the sheets of silver. Each piece of jewelry is fabricated using […]

  • Mark Langford

    Mark Langford is a professional photographer who now lives in Pagosa Springs, CO. After 35 years shooting commercially in San Antonio, TX, Mark is now specializing in landscape and nature photography. Mark also conducts photo workshops and is a contributor to Pagosa Weather. Mark has photographed six coffee table books on San Antonio; “San Antonio, […]

  • Christine Mercer Kraft

    Christine Kraft obtained a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design,Columbus, Ohio. After a successful and award-winning career as a GraphicDesigner, Art Director and Executive for major corporations, nonprofits andadvertising agencies, she now enjoys creating her own artwork from her studio inCreede, Colorado. Kraft draws inspiration from nature in the San Juan Mountains, […]

  • Greystone Abbott

    Greystone Abbott began her artwork in Aug 1999 after taking 2 semesters of ceramics in college. She discovered the artist in herself that was waiting to come alive. The pottery Abbott creates are hand thrown and painted with her original designs. Abbott’s Cherokee-Choctaw-English heritage plays a big roll in the her creations. Her usable art is […]

  • Jenny Gummersall

    Jenny Gummersall’s award winning art depicts familiar western icons presented in a contemporary Americana-style. From Horsescapes to Florals to Ranch Culture, she offers a unique vision of the West. Artistic preservation and portrayal of western heritage and culture is important to her work. Jenny studied art and photography at Columbia College in Missouri. Drawn to […]