• Paintings by Colorado Artist George Bodde

        Born in rural Michigan in 1971, I started painting and drawing as a child.  Art was a family pastime. I entered and won numerous awards in local competitions and helped finance college with pen and ink greeting cards of my hometown’s historic landmarks. The topics of my work are inspired by a love […]

  • bronze sculpture by Rocky Hail

    Bronze Artist Rocky Hails at Two Old Crows Gallery

    Most of Rocky Hails’ work in figurative sculpture and oil painting are narratives from the West, nature, and biblical passages. These genre often produce moments when an event transitions. “Whether it is the chuck wagon cook guarding the dutch oven against imminent thievery, the fox turned into the breeze or the rabbit at the decisive […]

  • Phillip Smith custom furniture

    Custom Furniture by Phillip Smith

    Phillip Smith’s custom furniture contains features that can be customized to your exact needs. From the design to fabric to the custom-stamped leather work, Smith can create the perfect piece for your home or office. Two Old Crows gallery has hundreds of fabric samples at the gallery to choose from. Stop in to see the […]

  • artist Shirlen Heath

    Shirlen Heath Turns Wood Into Art

    “For me, turning a vessel can be compared to reading a good novel with a surprise ending.” Wood artist Shirlen Heath took up wood-turning after semi-retiring in Mancos, Colorado. He first turned a few small objects on a factory-built lathe, but when he wanted to do larger pieces he built his own lathe that would […]

  • fine art photographs by Frank Comisar

    Regional Views by Photographer Frank Comisar

    Frank Comisar is the founder of Scenic Aperture and an award-winning professional landscape, wildlife and nature photographer. He has been photographing our natural world for over 30 years. Based in Durango, Colorado, about an hour from Pagosa Springs, Comisar travels throughout North America making beautiful photographs for his gallery. He also leads photography workshops. Influenced […]

  • Marge Meyer Nugent ceramic art

    Whimsical Ceramic Art by Marge Meyer Nugent

    “I love what I do. I make my pieces with color and texture at the forefront. This results in some pieces being carressable while others are prickly and pokey. I like my pieces to bring a smile to your face.” Ceramic artist Marge Meyer Nugent is a retired medical microbiologist who took a few ceramics classes […]

  • glass art by Stephanie Fluke

    Glass Art by Stephanie Fluke

    “My work is primarily influenced by the natural world that surrounds us all,” describes glass artist Stephanie Fluke. Fluke explains her work as portraying her own feelings and emotions that nature evokes in her, whether it is the joy and bliss she feels walking through a field of brightly colored fall aspens, the sense of […]

  • ceramic art by Gail Hershey

    Pagosa Springs Ceramic Artist Gail Hershey

    “My work is about my journey as a person out in the world,” ceramic artist Gail Hershey explains. “I have been a potter all of my adult life and now I am a printmaker as well.” Hershey describes her work as a reflection of her inner life to various degrees. She feels that being a […]