• Jim Lutomski

    Jim Lutomski has been fascinated with clay and its’ many formative properties ever since his first exposure in college. As a sculpture major, working with clay seemed like a natural progression to Jim. He is primarily a mixed media sculptor working with combinations of clay, glass, wood, metal and various found objects.

    His work in ceramics has mainly been experimental in nature, however he enjoys and appreciates the finely crafted traditional approach to working in clay. He was highly influenced by the abstract expressionist clay artists of the 60’s and 70’s during his formative years because of the freedom that their work expressed. He found this to be very liberating. Jim was also drawn to the ceramics esthetics of South Korea, Japan and China because many of the artists from those countries embodied a certain freedom of spontaneity,  movement and simplicity while holding true to time honored traditions.

    In the words of the famous Japanese potter Joji Hamada: “Working with clay should not be like climbing a mountain, it should be like walking downhill in a summer breeze.”