Larry Kitchen

After the Rain barn painting
Lake and Timbers mountain lake painting

Larry Kitchen, Western Oil Paintings

The rich color and grand scenery of Texas have provided the inspiration for Larry Kitchen’s 40-year painting career. His prolific artistry demonstrates an evocative view of life within the pine forest of the southern United States. His representational work has cast golden light on a host of scenes from the historical to the modern brilliantly captured with oil on canvas. His paintings strike the delicate balance that exists between a refined aesthetic and imaginative documentary.

Larry Kitchen was born in 1957 in Fort Worth, Texas. He received a BFA from Sam Houston State University and a Masters of Arts from The University of Texas at Tyler. In his early career he worked as a commercial illustrator with a large aerospace contractor. He was trusted with client projects that included artist renderings of Space Shuttle components for NASA, the Stealth bomber for the Pentagon, and numerous other high profile clientele.

Over the past decade he has focused his brush on scenes from abroad taking trips to Great Britain, Iceland, and Germany, in which he was artist in residence at Hilmsen Art Academy. His work from these art excursions has been the fuel and inspiration for his most recent published works, which include a range of illustrated books for young readers. He has taught and lectured at universities and colleges in The United States and Europe.

Larry Kitchen

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