• ceramic art by Gail Hershey

    Pagosa Springs Ceramic Artist Gail Hershey

    artist Gail Hershey“My work is about my journey as a person out in the world,” ceramic artist Gail Hershey explains. “I have been a potter all of my adult life and now I am a printmaker as well.”

    Hershey describes her work as a reflection of her inner life to various degrees. She feels that being a teacher, a maker of art, tuning in while staying in the process of making the work , with as much kindness towards herself and others as possible, keeps her life balanced. Hershey says she chooses colors that appeal to her; some she uses to get the viewer’s attention or to make a point, but sometimes she simply wants a small amount of one color or another to balance the composition.

    ceramic art by Gail HersheyWeather and geological strata, things Hershey is strongly affected by, are obvious in her work. Two Old Crows art gallery is proud to carry the ceramic art as well as colorful prints of Gail Hershey, a long-time Pagosa Springs resident.

    glass art by Gail Hershey