• artist Rick Unger

    Rick Unger – Painter of Western Life

    Rick Unger started his artistic life in early in Pennsylvania. As a toddler, Unger was already drawing pictures with advanced detail and accuracy. Before his teens, he could paint portraits with striking accuracy using all media and even before graduating High School he was receiving commissions for his artwork.

    Unger attended three years of vocational art training at the York Vocational School and is mostly self-taught in what he didn’t learn there. Some of Unger’s work is still on display in museums in Pennsylvania. After graduation, Unger moved to Texas with his new wife, where he felt that the life of a cowboy was a contrast to urban stress and painting cowboy life was an escape from the fast pace of the city.

    Unger traveled across the United States and Canada in the 1980’s, demonstrating a graphic art technique he invented. He ventured into graphic art and was featured in magazines and on TV shows. His designs have been sold nationwide by a major chain store, and he western art has been featured on Leanin’ Tree Greeting Cards.

    Along with his wife, Unger now enjoys life raising horses on a small ranch in Colorado where the beautiful San Juan mountains are an inspiration.