• Sam Cassidy painting at Pagosa Springs art gallery

    Sam Cassidy Paintings at Two Old Crows Art Gallery

    My Mother, Uncle, Great Aunt and Great Grandmother were painters so I grew up understanding that I might develop the skills to express my own personal journey. In the process I would better understand my subjects. Since doing an Outward Bound expedition out of Lake City, CO in 1979, “Mountain Places” unmolested by human activity, inspired me, spoke to me, and energized me. Only there could I feel in touch with something real, without the distraction and stress of human activity. I loved it even before I knew how rare and fragile it was. Floating down 300 miles of the Grand Canyon with a group of plein air painters brought the missing piece for me. I could connect the dots finally. I found my tribe.  I now understand how rare these places are. As the Buddha said, “You cannot step in the same river twice”. The world is changing and its landscape is being altered irretrievably. When I paint, I try to record what those special places mean to me. I only wish the person looking at my paintings could have their own experience with that place and I could see it through their eyes. We are, I fear, losing those places and spiritual connection they inspire.

    artist Sam CassidySam Cassidy painting at Pagosa Springs art gallery