Owner Evelyn Tennyson of the Two Old Crows Gallery and the newer 462 Gallery, along with her long-time friend and gallery manager Vickie Thompson, have a time tested connection and a love of the arts.  Evelyn’s family has a legacy of artistic tradition, her mother was a noted painter. Vickie is an amazing jewelry artist, and has been a business owner in her own right for decades, designing original pieces as well as now doing repair and commissioned jewelry work in Pagosa Springs. Together these Old Crows make quite a dynamic team at the galleries.

The location of the Two Old Crows Gallery, a long vacant historic building in the center of town, reflects their desire to not only revitalize the building, but to also breathe new life into the arts scene in Pagosa Springs.  It is Evelyn and Vickie’s desire to encourage up and coming artists as well as share the rich talents and mastery of established artisans.

Since opening the Two Old Crows Gallery, the vision for the gallery has grown to include many artist and craftsmen from farther afield, an exciting development that will draw many others to this Southwest community. Owner Evelyn recently expanded her vision by buying the building next door to Two Old Crows Gallery to further showcasing Fine Art to the next level at the 462 Gallery.

To encourage the arts in Pagosa Springs Evelyn was a key member in establishing PAI, the Pagosa Arts Initiative, which is focusing on revitalizing the town of Pagosa Springs with all ranges of original arts.

Evelyn and Vickie invite you to visit both the Two Old Crows Gallery and the 462 Gallery to enjoy the remarkable creativity and inventiveness they are privileged to share with you.