Pat and Evelyn at Two Old Crows fine art gallery in Pagosa Springs

Two Old Crows gallery owners Evelyn Tennyson and Patricia Francis have a decades long friendship forged by a love of travel adventures and the arts.  Evelyn’s family has a legacy of artistic tradition, her mother a noted painter and Patricia’s experience curating a small gallery and being an award-winning photographer led them to explore opening their own art gallery in Pagosa Springs.

The location of the gallery, a long vacant historic building in the center of town reflects their desire to not only revitalize the building, but to also breathe new life into the arts scene in Pagosa Springs.  It is Evelyn and Patricia’s desire to encourage up and coming artists as well as share the rich talents and mastery of established artisans.

Since opening the Two Old Crows Gallery, the vision for the gallery has grown to include many artist and craftsmen from farther afield, an exciting development that will draw many others to this Southwest community.

To further encourage the arts in Pagosa Springs Evelyn and Patricia have be instrumental in creating an art’s council, known as the Pagosa Springs Arts Council (PSAC). 

Evelyn and Patricia invite you to visit Two Old Crows Gallery and enjoy the remarkable creativity and inventiveness they are privileged to share with you.