• Arden Bardol

    Arden received her professional training in architecture, where form follows function. In her wearable art, a passion in her life, form comes from bringing structure, color and texture together in a composition that is both functional and visually pleasing. During her many years of traveling, visiting Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Italy and the Midwest regions of the United States she was exposed to the vast cultural influences of each place which she now uses as inspiration in her wearable art. Arden works with polymer clay that is blended with a variety of mixed metals in a process, which she continually refines. Each of her pieces is hand made and one of a kind. “My work tends toward the classic and the geometric, but has a bit of whimsy.”  Today she is active in her design studio and has a achieved a carefully orchestrated balance of designing both small scale object to adorn the body and large scale objects that occupy and adorn the “landscape” of our world.