Debra Ferrari

Lightning oil painting by Debra Ferrari

Debra Ferrari, Oil Paintings

“Key components in my paintings are the close-up or highly detailed rush work, textural elements and their relationship to light,” says Debra Ferrari. “I want my subjects to take center stage.”

Ferrari spends a great deal of time layering thin coats of oil paints, using pointed narrow lines and round sable ferrule brushes to create her fine, highly-detailed images.

“I strive for my compositions to have the ability to move the viewer emotionally by visually connecting them to each of my subjects.”

Ferrari is intrigued by the human-horse connection that she calls “equine alchemy”. She feels that humans are closely connected to horses, more than most people realize. “Horses are the only animals on earth that can read our emotions, know our thoughts and sense how we are feeling,” she says.

Her surroundings play a big part in her paintings, which are constantly changing and evolving every year.

Debra Ferrari

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