Kathryn Welch

Kathryn Welch, Stained Glass

Kathryn Welch has been designing and creating stained glass artwork since 2006. Specializing in custom residential and commercial pieces, she also repairs and restores stained glass and teaches classes on all levels. When she is not creating custom work for clients, she creates one-of-a-kind, creatively inspired windows and mosaic sculptures for art galleries and markets in Central Texas and Colorado. Her work is known for its creative, outside-the-box design aspects, and often incorporates objects such as agates, rondels, gems, wire work, and overlays.

Kathryn taught herself the art of stained glass by checking out every book that her local library offered on the subject, becoming well versed in the history of the medium, its finest craftsmen, and techniques. She learned to design by spending hours with her sketchpad, studying the works of the masters. After creating hundreds of pieces, she has truly found her voice. Kathryn works in leaded construction as well as the Tiffany, or copper foil method.

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