Ramsey Scott

Tree of Enduring Happiness fiber art

Ramsey Scott, Fiber Artist

Ramsey Scott is a fiber artist, working and living in Taos, NM. She remembers the first time the mystery and magic of wool captivated her attention. She was visiting the annual Taos Wool Festival. While she was watching a spinning exhibition when the wool that was being fed into the wheel separated, she thought “Oh my goodness, how is she going to fix this?” Then the magic suddenly appeared! The spinner simply held the small wisp of broken wool near to the wisp resting in the spinning wheel, when lo and behold it seemed to reach for its separate-self and reconnect.

Scott stood mesmerized, stunned and hooked. Right then and there she knew that she needed to know more. So off Scott went in search of history, facts, fictions and the romance of wool. She bought books, researched the internet. Finally, determined to see firsthand the remnants of the history that wool wrought, she spent time in England where she set about a wool pilgrimage. The rest is history for Scott, who continues to explore every nuanced side of fiber in her artistic journey.

Egyptian Onions fiber art

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