• Ray Tracey

    Ray Tracey is nationally and internationally known and respected as one of the most outstanding Native American jewelers. Born and raised on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, Ray began making jewelry at the age of nine. He has been working professionally as a jeweler since 1977. 

    Ray is an extremely versatile artist. He not only designs traditional Navajo Old-Style jewelry but remains on the cutting edge of contemporary design. His inlay work is unmistakable with vibrant stones such as lapis, corals, and turquoise laid into sterling silver and 14K gold.

    Aside from designing, Ray also pursued his creative passions in the performing arts. As a young man he deterred from jewelry design to start a career in Hollywood. There, he spent several years as an actor in feature films and television such as “Joe Panther,” “Seems Like Old Times,” “Centennial” and “How the West Was Won.” Though eventually, Ray’s love of jewelry brought him back to designing, he is still involved in the entertainment industry – acting and producing films such as Shadow Wolves (2019).