Revis Plemmons

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Revis Plemmons, Paintings & Mixed Media

Revis Grubb Plemmons is a native of Fort Worth, Texas. She loved art from the time she could hold a crayon. “My worst fear was to run out of paper or coloring books.” Her grandmother taught her to paint with pastels at age five. She studied watercolor painting from age twelve and won some awards from the local arts guild. In college, she majored in advertising and won some national college awards for design. She later worked in the field of graphic design. Eventually, she started her own advertising agency – all the while continuing to paint pastels and watercolors.

During college, she became interested in traditional folk art painting. “There is something about painting on wooden pieces that captivates me. Unlike paintings on canvas, this art is meant to be touched.” She has sold her decorative art in galleries and antique shops in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond.

When she was nine, Revis’ long love affair with the mountains was sparked by her first visit to Colorado. “Perhaps it is ‘genetic memory’ that draws me to this area. My ancestors came from Bavaria in the 1700s, where the mountains and meadows remind me of southwestern Colorado.” She especially enjoys the Bavarian (Bauernmalerei) folk art of Austria and finds inspiration in the scenic beauty of Colorado.

Revis and her husband vacationed in southwestern Colorado for many years and moved to Pagosa Springs in 2011.

Revis Plemmons

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