Sarah Freudenberger

Sarah Freudenberger, Watercolor Paintings

Sarah was raised on the Colorado front range constantly ogling at the landscapes around her and resolved to have a career in the outdoors. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Conservation Biology and earning her wilderness EMT, Sarah found herself working as a park ranger in the summers and as ski patrol at Wolf Creek in the winters. 

Being placed in these impossibly beautiful locations made the temptation to record them overwhelming. Eventually there were too many paintings stacked up to be tolerable. The need to paint in a way that other people would enjoy, and to share, became evident. 

It was also clear to Sarah that there was a major disconnect between the fine art world and the world of conservation. Sarah now strives to incorporate reused or recycled materials in all of her paintings or frames in order to advocate for the landscapes she depicts. 

Sarah Merritt

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