• Michael Vittitow

    After Michael Vittitow completed his formal artistic training at the University of New
    Mexico in Albuquerque, he went on to pursue his degree in graphic design and photography
    at Eastern New Mexico University. After a 35-year successful and award-winning
    career, Vittitow traded in his computer and mouse for a brush and canvas to explore a more
    expressionistic way to feed his creativity. As a native New Mexican and now recent
    resident of Colorado, Vittitow has been blessed to live among beautiful mountains,
    refreshing rivers, stunning sunsets and colorful vistas. “My inspiration is driven by my
    faith and the glory of such beautiful landscapes almost everywhere I look. I love putting
    that beauty on a canvas for others to experience.” His work incorporates broad brush
    strokes of controlled simplicity and dramatic color that portray vast skies and horizons,
    distant trees and mountains, and subdued, textured foregrounds.