• Shanna Robb

    Shanna Robb’s journey as a full-time mosaic artist started in the summer of 2015.  At the time she was living in the Southern California artist community of Idyllwild where she would ultimately orchestrate the first public art project and lead a local non-profit for artists.  In the Fall of 2019, she moved to Pagosa Springs and built an artist studio overlooking one of Pagosa’s many lakes.  

    Brought up in Wyoming, Shanna is a self-professed “Storyteller”.  Each piece of her art starts with hidden gems collected while traveling the country with her husband.  The mindful marriage of these found objects within her overall design aims to encourage viewers to unveil their own story within her art.  

    In addition to embracing the history of found objects, Shanna takes inspiration from the world around her and gravitates towards shapes, colors and layers.  She is best known for her musical instrument series, which gives battered instruments a second life as a piece of art.  The series currently features over 24 individual designs. Shanna’s motto is that her art is “created for someone not just anyone”.  Perhaps that is why her art can be found in private collections throughout the United States and can only be found locally at Two Old Crows in Pagosa Springs.